The 16th arrondissement and the return of the Space Invaders!

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It seems those pesky space invaders won’t leave me be. I walked to the end of my road this morning, the same walk I’d taken many a time, and I’ll be damned if I didn’t find another of the little mosaic freaks looking up at me with two sinister black hollowed square eyes.

space invaders, paris mosaic

[April 16th 2009 Update] – This mosaic is no longer in existence. A couple of months ago I noticed two of the tiles missing, and now the entire thing has been removed.

Then just a minutes walk from the apartment I’ll be monkey’s uncle if there’s not another on Rue Jasmin.

rue jasmin paris, mosaic space invaders

In the backdrop Mme Froggy’s doctor was shaking her sheets clean from the balcony window.

16eme paris, balcony window

Unfortunately the little portable camera’s LCD screen is still broken, so it’s now a question of ‘guess, point, click and hope’ to see if the camera caught the subject. I decided to take just a few snapshots of some of the local architecture on my way home despite the grey skies and drizzle. We have some interesting buildings by Hector Guimard, but I’ll save that for another entry.

Amongst the classic Parisian architecture is a whole mixture of styles; one day when the sun shineth I will have to go on walkabouts as the 16th district is full of foreign embassies and some of those are impressive alongside other gems tucked away off the main road.

On Rue Jasmin you can find this huge elaborate doorway which I’m told used to be the entrance to a former post office.

fancy door, paris, rue jasmin

This is a red brick building (66 avenue Mozart) on my road which stands out in contrast to neighboring buildings, but still manages to fit in context with the street.

66 avenue mozart, red brick building, paris

Alongside the Christmas trees a white lorry is often parked. If you’re going to turn to the dark side and graffiti something, might as well do it in style.

darth vader, star wars graffiti

The stone built building is a style of architecture I don’t see too often, but there are a few more examples scattered throughout Paris and in some of the suburbs.

stone building, paris

This is another building tucked around one of the side streets, which is different again but still suits Paris.

salmon pink building, paris 16th district

Back on the avenue Mozart, this corner facade is quite typical and very eloquant.

avenue mozart, paris architecture

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What a great walk through the 16th arrondissement ! I looooove the doorway, as you could have thgouht… 😉

Written By SurfAnna on March 26th, 2009 @ 9:20 pm

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