Taxidermy Tiger, Japanese Restaurant and Joey Starr of NTM fame

This post was written by admin on August 25, 2008
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I’m not sure at what point controversy becomes crass when you’re working on the principal that even bad publicity is still publicity. It’s why I am reluctant to even post the above photograph at all. Returning from a Japanese restaurant near Opera Paris, late in the evening, this shop front display featured a taxidermy tiger, mannequin and backdrop featuring a live tiger wearing the mother of all diamonds around its neck. There were large shards of broken glass around the pavement outside the window, but the shop window was in tact, which made me wonder if it had been a previous assault on distaste. Nearly everyone who passed by it (few though there were at this time of the evening) wore faces painted with disdain.

japanese restaurant Kintaro, paris

So that was the end of my evening. The beginning started with a meal in a nice Japanese restaurant called Kintaro (website here). The food is extremely well priced, very tasty and the staff friendly, although if you want to book it has to be before 8pm. After 8pm you may have to queue a while to get a table. There were four of us of English, French, Chinese and Italian origins with conversations in English, French, Italian and even a splattering of Japanese, but my brain only focused on the English and French (the latter being enough to use up all my energy). We previously visited this same restaurant a month ago as a surprise evening for my girlfriend’s birthday. Some big chaps came into the restaurant as we sat down, and my girlfriend recognised one of them as Joey Starr from the rap band NTM (see here). I’ve no idea who they are, but apparently they’ve been big in France for a good number of years now (she had one of their CD’s when she was still a teenager). If you’re in Paris and fancy a Japanese meal on a budget then Kintaro would be my recommendation (and I’ve eaten at quite a few Japanese Parisian restaurants) – great value for money, and a potential celebrity hang-out!

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