Faceboof comes to Paris, Boulevard Soult

A Parisian friend made me laugh when he posted a photograph of Faceboof in the 12th arrondissement (boulevard Soult). The company faceboof launched in April 2014, and not only does the logo look mighty familiar, but the old thumbs up ‘like’ has been emulated too. Face boof provides fast food such as sandwiches, hot dogs, […]

Museogames : retro computer gaming in Paris

What do you do when your guest has no love for art, architecture, history and culture in a city that oozes in old-worldy charm? This was the challenge I faced when my sister’s boyfriend came to stay, although fortunately I’d caught something about Museogames on TV: a retro computer games exhibition in Paris. Although I […]

Albert Kahn Park, Boulogne

Albert Kahn is one of the prettiest parks in Paris (well technically Boulogne-Billancourt, but you can still get there by bus or metro from Paris même). Considering it’s almost on my doorstep I haven’t visited it nearly enough (only once prior, in 2008). My favourite park is still Bagatelle in Bois de Boulogne (especially when […]

Lucian Freud Exhibition, Pompidou Centre Paris

Whilst Madame Grenouille took care of Bébé Têtard yesterday, I visited the Pompidou Centre in Paris with her opera singer friend, to see Lucian Freud’s painting exhibition. Now aged 88 and described as a living master; I’d seen one or two paintings by Sigmund Freud’s grandson in the UK, but never so many of his […]

Choucroute Garnie – Alsace

Choucroute comes from Alsace – that little elongated, squashed up blob on the right of France, squeezed up tightly against Germany and poked from behind a little by Switzerland. I’d tried a little sauerkraut from the market, but was taken to an Alsacian restaurant in Paris for the full experience. Of all the foods I […]

French Hospitals, and City Rat Race Stress

I should retitle this the Paris blog of neglect, but free time is a commodity that often eludes me, much to my undoing; I found the true cost of this the other weekend when I had first-hand experience of a French hospital. Christmas has always been a busy time for me (being self-employed), and places […]

Paris Baby and the Jardin du Ranelagh

  The froggy/roast-bif made an appearance in early August, but not before Mum and Dad rode the ambulance out of Paris to St. Cloud hospital at 6:15am. I’ll not rabbit on too much about Bébé Têtard (tadpole) as the subject of other peoples’ babies is quite boring to all but the parents. You’ll have to […]

Paris in Photos appears in Cheri the Movie

  I finally got around to watching the film, Cheri on the Champs-Élysées last week. It was nice to see that the photograph I provided was used on the very opening scene, and I was actually quite surprised to find this website mentioned in the list of credits at the end. It’s down towards the […]

Printemps – Paris in the Spring

I feel like the larval butterfly emerging from its cacoon. On Sunday the windows of the apartment opened up and I could wear a t-shirt without fear of goosebumps. The sun found its way into the kitchen and as I feasted on wine, cheese, rice and vegetables with the sun nourishing my depleted levels of […]

Paris Neighbour Wars – doormat abuse

You could be mistaken for thinking people living in a nice corner of Paris might have the gift of civility about them. Now there might exist one or two antiquated kind and educated souls who understand the importance of manners, but they are a dying breed. For almost the past decade Mme. Grenouille has put […]