My ten year old guitar riff appears on Télématin (France 2) TV this morning

This post was written by admin on September 9, 2010
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The damndest thing happened this morning. I was working on my computer early this morning, with the TV on in the background behind me. It was Télématin on France 2 with their daily breakfast show, but I wasn’t paying any attention. Like many French shows, they use a lot of musical clips from many famous bands and albums, but all of a sudden I heard a guitar riff I recorded in the year 2000. It lasted about 15 seconds, and I honestly thought I’d lost my marbles! I started emailing people: ‘I’ve just heard a guitar recording I made in my bedroom ten years ago, on French TV this morning’… I’m not sure they believed me, and I even doubted myself because it had passed by so quickly.

Fortunately they stream Télématin on their website, so I grabbed a copy and confirmed I was not insane, but it really was my music, used on a piece about the comic strip: Spirou et Fantasio.
I took up the guitar at sixteen and was part of a heavy metal band playing gigs in the local area. We used to play covers back in the mid 90’s, from Rage Against the Machine, Metallica, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nirvana and Radiohead, but when people went off to Uni, the band fell apart. The singer and I remained goods friends and we used to write a lot of original material together. This guitar riff, comes from a longer song I wrote (one of my first ever songs in fact), but we decided against using it, because it was a little heavier and didn’t have consistency with the other material we were writing. I took a sample and placed it on the Internet in the year 2000 on a popular flash animation community website, allowing anyone to use it for their projects, and it’s still available on a couple of websites today, though the statistics show it never got that many downloads.

What a strange trip down memory lane.

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