Journée de la Musique

This post was written by admin on June 22, 2008
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Yesterday was ‘Journée de la Musique’ in France, and all across the country bands were playing. I went down to the Latin quarter of Paris around 10:30pm and could barely squeeze out of the metro staircase onto the street above for the crowds of people all around. The hot summer streets were heaving with the whole of Paris, and tourists besides, intoxicated with wine and the smells of cheap barbecue. The only way to navigate was by spilling out all across the roads, to the honking of horns. Merry French were dancing everywhere, and a particularly large crowd gathered around the famous Saint-Michel fountain as a group of young French men scaled to the top of the fountain, baring cheeks to the cheers and multitude of camera flashes. The police didn’t seem too bothered about the violation of this historical monument, but they had enough to contend with keeping the traffic flowing.

The streets were enthused with competing sounds, and you could hear something new every fifty metres. Any prowling rats along the Seine would have taken refuge in fear, replaced with line upon line of people as far as the eye could see.

I got home around 1:45am, and was woken up at 2am by an old crooner playing live music with his band outside the apartment. My district had been pretty much devoid of music all day, and it seemed like an odd time to be contributing, but by then I was too tired to notice.

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