Return to England

I am still here in Paris, but I recently took a brief return to England to see my niece for the first time and to celebrate her first birthday. Although my life in Paris has only amounted to little over two years, it was still a strange experience to observe English traditions and behaviour having […]

Night of the Museums, Metro Pickpocketers and Madeiran Adventures

    My posts have been so infrequent of late that I’m forced to come up with these ridiculous titles and then waffle on, skipping from topic to topic at tangents that would bamboozle even the greatest Mathematicians. Following a weekend of kitten-sitting (being woken up at 2am with a cat walking over my face […]

The Medieval Town of Provins

Alas, it was not my own 30th birthday as that expired over a year ago, but my girlfriend was mournfully saying farewell to the 20’s that she had known and loved for the past decade. I decided to take her to the medieval town of Provins on the outer edge of Île-de-France just over a […]