Albert Kahn Park, Boulogne

Albert Kahn is one of the prettiest parks in Paris (well technically Boulogne-Billancourt, but you can still get there by bus or metro from Paris même). Considering it’s almost on my doorstep I haven’t visited it nearly enough (only once prior, in 2008). My favourite park is still Bagatelle in Bois de Boulogne (especially when […]

Expat vs Immigrant – is it just semantics?

Why is it we do not hear the term illegal or legal expat, and is there really any difference between the terms expat and immigrant? I’ve pondered on this issue previously, but decided to take the time to think about it in a little more depth. An expatriate comes from the Latin ex patria – […]

Striped Onion Johnny Shirts – latest Paris vogue

Three weeks back, I returned from a visit to the UK and started seeing those stereotypical ‘Onion Johnny’ blue striped tops. Initially I thought the tourists were flooding in, but then the more I ventured around Paris, the more I saw, and those wearing them were actually French. Over the past three weeks this latest […]

Lucian Freud Exhibition, Pompidou Centre Paris

Whilst Madame Grenouille took care of Bébé Têtard yesterday, I visited the Pompidou Centre in Paris with her opera singer friend, to see Lucian Freud’s painting exhibition. Now aged 88 and described as a living master; I’d seen one or two paintings by Sigmund Freud’s grandson in the UK, but never so many of his […]

E.Dehillerin – Paris’ Oldest Kitchen Shop

Looking out of the window of the Alsace restaurant, where I sampled my first proper Choucroute Garnie, lies Paris’ oldest kitchen shop – ‘E.Dehillerin’, now 190 years old. On my full belly of fermented cabbage, Mme. Grenouille (who once upon a time went to catering school, and also worked in one of the Eiffel Tower’s […]

Choucroute Garnie – Alsace

Choucroute comes from Alsace – that little elongated, squashed up blob on the right of France, squeezed up tightly against Germany and poked from behind a little by Switzerland. I’d tried a little sauerkraut from the market, but was taken to an Alsacian restaurant in Paris for the full experience. Of all the foods I […]

Paris Erotica and the Orsay Museum

If you were to take a recent visit to Paris’ Orsay Museum, you might be forgiven for thinking you’ve entered the museum of erotica. Courbet’s L’Origine du monde, has long been displayed here: an unbashful painting of the female genitalia, whose focal point doesn’t leave much to the imagination. However, perhaps the French are a […]

Paris winter snow and the Arc de Triomphe

Paris has been hit by the cold front again, with a little frosting of snow today. It rather pales in comparison to Old Blighty, but we city dwellers relish the scenic snow-coated city (well I like it anyway). I have to credit Mme. Grenouille for these photos as she took them early this morning on […]

Paris New Years 2010

Whilst the TV broadcasted video from around the globe of all the major cities celebrating 2010, what do we see of Paris – some twinkly lights on the Eiffel Tower that go off every hour regardless of New Years; I didn’t see or hear a single firework. Whilst I’m not one to celebrate Pope Gregory […]

Paris Snow, December 2009

I missed out on Paris’ snow last year as I had to wait on an important package, and now this year I have Bébé Têtard to content with, so my snow photos come from the warmth and security of the apartment (sorry if you wanted to see the Eiffel Tower or Champs-Élysées in a snowy […]