Random Paris Musings

This is a catch up post. Mme. Grenouille is away in Switzerland and I thought it an opportune moment to update the Paris blog, although I cannot neglect my duty of renovating the kitchen units and door lest I face the infamous wrath of a Parisian unleashed. Fur is back in fashion. You’ll always see […]

Gonna wind up a big ole pile a them bones – The Paris Catacombs

  Beneath the feet of the living lies the empire of the dead; six million bodies filling the former Roman tunnels, seated beneath Paris, in desperation to stop the spread of disease. The official name given to this spectral realm is l’Ossuaire Municipal, and known to many simply as the catacombs. The transfer of bones […]

Getting a PACS in France – the non-romance of civil partnership

  Just what on earth is a PACS, why would you want one, how do you get it, and how might you get out of it? I myself went through the rigmarole just after I moved to Paris (that’s to say, obtaining it and not getting out of it), and had no idea what I […]

Paris Snow

This is Paris 8:30am this morning from the apartment window. I was catching the news and heard about the snow in the UK, chuckling to myself how the whole infrastructure crumbles with just half a cm of the white stuff, let alone several centimeters, but then I drew back the curtains, and found the above. […]