Taxidermy Tiger, Japanese Restaurant and Joey Starr of NTM fame

I’m not sure at what point controversy becomes crass when you’re working on the principal that even bad publicity is still publicity. It’s why I am reluctant to even post the above photograph at all. Returning from a Japanese restaurant near Opera Paris, late in the evening, this shop front display featured a taxidermy tiger, […]

Paris TV Drama (not the best of days for filming)

For a few days the area of street directly outside the apartment has been cordoned off with cones and tape in anticipation of a film-crew, and notices stuck up on the walls (just as well I don’t own a car, it’s near impossible to park at the best of times). I’d forgotten all about it […]

Coypu vs. Catfish vs. Carp vs. Terrapin vs. Duck in Paris Park

Anxiety dreams often follow a predictable and somewhat boring pattern. I’ve experienced the usual ‘being naked in public’, ‘loosing my teeth’ and ‘being chased’, but my most prevalent nightly trepidations are dreams of large murky movements under muddied waters. Despite the disquiet there’s also a fascination: in the deepest darkest oceans lies the strangest most […]

The Medieval Town of Provins

Alas, it was not my own 30th birthday as that expired over a year ago, but my girlfriend was mournfully saying farewell to the 20’s that she had known and loved for the past decade. I decided to take her to the medieval town of Provins on the outer edge of Île-de-France just over a […]